Missing All Lower Teeth (Lower Denture)

Do you have a lower denture that won’t stay in place?

Do you have trouble eating?

Are you tired of using unhealthy denture adhesive to keep your teeth in place?

We have solutions to those problems.

Take a look through the cases of patients we have had the privilege of caring for below. (Click on any of the photos to enlarge them.)

Ken (2 Dental Implants) (Restorative dentistry courtesy of Dr. Michael Otto, Mason City, Iowa.)

Ken was about to lose all of his lower teeth and he wanted to have a denture that was stable, and would allow him to eat and chew and talk effectively. Ken also had another problem; he had extra bone on the inside of his lower jaw. Without the use of implants he would have required additional surgery to be able to make a denture fit. With implants to hold his denture stable, we did not need to put him through any additional surgery. As you can read in his letter. He is very satisfied with his new teeth!






Kenneth Meyer Ltr

Leroy (3 Implants)

When Leroy lost all of his lower teeth he wanted adventure that was very secure, and would allow him to eat anything he wanted. With the help of his general dentist we came up with a great solution for him using there implants placed in his lower jaw in a “tripod” technique.


DSC_0199 DSC_0200


Jolene (4 Implants) (Restorative dentistry courtesy of Dr. Pat Carney, Clear Lake Iowa.)

The ultimate in stability in the lower jaw denture is through the use of 4 or more implants. In fact, this can even be converted to a more permanent “screw-retained” appliance that can only be removed by the patient’s dentist.