Dental implants represent the best solution for dental restoration for most patients, but for a minority of patients, implants may not be a viable option. These patients may seek dental restoration via prostheses, including dentures. Before these prostheses can be placed, your mouth may require certain preparation treatments.

At North Iowa Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center, we are pleased to provide a range of pre-prosthetic surgery options for patients in Mason City, IA.

Types of Pre-Prosthetic Treatments

When you join us at our practice, the first thing you can expect is to have a full consultation with one of our doctors. The doctor will evaluate your teeth and mouth during this consultation, confirming your need for pre-prosthetic treatment. Your doctor will outline your treatment plan, answer your questions, and discuss different available sedation options.

The specific pre-prosthetic treatments you require will vary depending on facial anatomy and treatment goals. Some of the most common examples of pre-prosthetic treatments include:

  • Bone smoothing and reshaping
  • Reduction of the bone ridge
  • Excess bone or soft tissue removal
  • Extraction of unhealthy or non-viable teeth

Essentially, pre-prosthetic treatments are designed to make your mouth more receptive to a denture, ensuring that you experience long-term comfort and stability from your dental prosthesis.

Benefits of a Secure Denture

While dental implants represent the standard of care for tooth loss, they may not be an option for patients who lack the facial anatomy to hold implants securely in place. For these patients, secure dentures can be a good alternative.

The primary benefits of a secure denture include:

  • Aesthetic and functional restoration for your smile
  • A comfortable fit
  • Support for your facial muscles and a natural appearance
  • Support for normal speech

In short, a secure denture will allow you to experience a beautiful, confident, and natural-looking smile without major changes to your lifestyle. Pre-prosthetic treatments can be incredibly valuable to prepare your mouth for a properly fitting denture.

You’re in Good Hands with North Iowa Oral Surgery

Our doctors are pleased to talk with you about the best ways to restore your smile, whether that means dental implants or pre-prosthetic surgery to prepare for dentures. To schedule a consultation with us, contact our Mason City, IA practice at (641) 424-1656.